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More proof that parks boost the health of the whole community

8 Ways Parks Improve Your Health

Earlier this year, we debuted a booklet and short film featuring the latest research demonstrating the connection between parks and health.

Hundreds of you signed up to receive your free print copy, and a number of city officials and organizations also approached us to talk about how they could help spread the word.

The piece was so popular, we've decided to make it even easier to read and share by turning it into a digital ebook, complete with links to even more articles, reports, and videos. 

We encourage you to share 8 Ways Parks Improve Your Health with your friends and neighbors, your butcher, your baker, your personal trainer, and anyone else who might enjoy learning about all the ways that parks boost the health of the whole community.


Ann Babcock
Please send 20 hard copy booklets (8 Ways that parks improve your health) to: Ann Babcock 41 Versailles Lane Asheville, NC 28804 I would like to use these when advocating for more parks and open space with elected officials. Thank you!

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