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Look at all we accomplished together in 2013

The Year in Conservation - The Trust for Public Land

Thanks to The Trust for Public Land members, dozens of irreplaceable landscapes were protected in 2013. Hundreds of acres were saved. And thousands of people are able to connect with nature at public parks and open spaces created with your invaluable support.

The images in the gallery below depict some of our proudest park and conservation achievements from the past year. Thank you for helping to make this work possible. 



George Sardina MD
I enjoyed reading 'The Year in Conservation' review which I thought was a good spotlight to showcase the wonderful work that the The Trust for Public Lands is doing. I would think that it would also be very much appreciated by the membership and especially the donors if TPL could also have as a regular internet feature a place on its website where all of TPL's acquisitions as they happen each year could then be listed for everyone to see. As a donor I have always found that seeing the results that an organization does is the best stimulant for maintaining one's interest in supporting that organization.
The Trust for P...
Thanks for your comment George! We are glad to hear that you enjoyed the year in review, and that you would be interested in learning more about our work in the field, as it unfolds. We encourage you to continue to read our blog, where we report on ongoing project work in reoccurring posts like "One Month at The Trust for Public Land" . We also publish a monthly eNewsletter to keep our members updated on the latest park and conservation successes near them and around the country. You can sign up at . Thanks again for your support!
This is all terrific! Glad I contributed a tiny bit, hope to contribute more this year. Can you possibly address a planned housing development near the Salton Sea in Southern California? This will negatively impact the Bono preserve and one of the few remaining Burrowing Owl habitats in Southern California.
mary mikesell
thank you for sharing!
Eryka Reid
Such a great cause and unbelievable effort, being able to preserve and protect these beautiful places all around the United States is amazing. Love seeing people make a difference when it comes to land conversation and protection!
Becky Brown
This is a wonderful organization doing great things for communities across the US! Often conservation efforts go towards wilderness and natural sites, but the Parks for People program is a wonderful effort to bring green space to cities. The children are our future. Educating children about the importance of green space and sustainability at a young age is very powerful! The parks provide a space for the children and people of the communities to come together and be active, but they are also a great learning experience for everyone involved!
Sarah Ray
I learned about the efforts from the Trust for Public Land in the Hogback Basin in Wyoming as part of a class. I myself have done a little volunteering as an environmental steward speaking with others about the nature that surrounds them and to encourage them to take some time out to appreciate even the smallest things. I can't imagine how much work was put into getting people motivated about saving the basin, especially if economic benefits would have come for the town had they sold it. The community's ability to band together in a three month period and raise over eight million dollars shows how important our natural land is not only for now but for the future as well (the Wyoming Legacy Act's ability to retire the lease instead of ever selling the land to oil or gas companies is covering 85% of the purchased land- I think that's an amazing leap in land conservation!).
Ricky Russo
I thoroughly enjoyed reading many of the articles on this site. It's heartwarming to know that there are people and organizations that are trying to help conserve and protect beautiful sites and locations. It's nice to see many recreational areas being restored. People need to get outside and experience the beauty that the world has to offer and land trusts and conservation efforts are extremely helpful at making that possible!
Peter Petkauskos
At the Zion Narrows in Utah, the Trust for Public Land helped conserve the entrance to some of the best hiking on the Colorado Plateau. For $1.41 million, this trust purchased the land so that developers couldn't develop the land. I think that what they did was great for the area because it prevent development and it protected the environment for future generations. The trust is the leading non-profit organization that conserves land for people. With more than 30 offices around the nation, they have worked to protect three million acres of land and has generated more than $34 billion in public conservation, which is truly amazing.
Zach Lebreux
What an amazing feat. The pictures of all the land that was preserved are impressive. It's reassuring to know that there is such a strong push for land conservation in the United States. To reach such a large diversity of land types that effect so many different people is a great example of the balance we all need.
Sam Durfee
We are blessed to live in a country with such diverse areas which we can experience in a variety of ways thanks to the combined efforts of state, federal and private agencies and organizations. For a topic like land conservation to bring together all these groups provides hope that we as a country will continue to hold our natural wonders in high regard.
Chris Orlando
It is great knowing that there are people as well as organizations dedicated to purchasing and maintaining the beauty of our lands. With the Rodeo Grounds Ranch in Idaho, the land was purchased to keep it from being subdivided or developed, but still allowing the previous uses and also for community fire protection. Land conservation is a needed thing throughout the world, without it many historic and also beautiful areas of the world will be destroyed for development. The push for more land conservation in this country is a great and is greatly needed to protect the natural beauty.
Kim Bourgouin
I strongly believe that a connection to nature, perhaps that connection being as simple as a park in the middle of a city, can foster a love for nature. It is great to see that efforts are being put towards not only preserving conservation lands but also promoting human interaction with the land, such as through the Parks for People and Working Lands efforts. It is through human effort and knowledge that these sites are protected and by focusing on community-based sites will only increase a wider spread knowledge of environmental issues and the need for further conservation efforts in the future.
Ryan Curtin
Preserving areas of historical importance such as the Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park should be viewed as essential for everyone. Upon further research I came to find out that the threat that Atlanta's urban sprawl was posing on the park has since been declared a non issue as of 2013. I'm glad to see that land conservation is continuing to grow year by year. Hopefully the trend keeps up!
I'm impressed by the amount of land that has been conserved already- and it's interesting to see where the areas of conservation range from! I think it speaks well for this organization that many of their parks, like the Ute Valley Park, have so much community involvement and excitement. I think on of the best ways to keep conservation going, and to foster a love of nature is to get people and communities involved in projects.
Ali Ponte
The efforts put into restoring, preserving, and educating at Pleasure House Point, VA is amazing. We are constantly seeing natural areas being sold off for new construction, much like what this area was facing. TPL has done a fantastic job at not only restoring this natural ecosystem area, but creating an environment for the public to come and interact with in a healthy and safe manner. Furthermore, TPL's efforts in conjunction with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation to build a center to educate the public and bring awareness, is truly remarkable. Often companies seek to preserve, but forget that education is a critical factor in preservation. Thank you for the efforts you have put in, they are most definitely appreciated!
Amanda Hollenbeck
The work done at Maho Bay is inspiring. It is great to know that despite the pressures to develop coastal areas in the Caribbean, the preserved beach and forest will remain open to the public for years to come. I also think that the donation of 18 acres to the National Park Service is admirable and is a great example of how people are working together to protect landscapes.
Evan Cove
Its amazing that all different organizations can come together for one common goal, conservation of land. To protect this land so that it is "properly" treated and not mistreated or misused. Whether land is conserved for parks, wildlife or just to avoid financial loss, it's for a good cause whenever land is saved or used in a better way than clear cutting or drilling. I'm glad that the TPL has been able to accomplish so much and commend them for their efforts!
Jake B
I'm inspired by the breadth of your work. From cities to forested habitats, the Trust for Public Land has been hard at work. The Sprucewood Forest (or Oyster River Forest as it is now known) is a conservation great effort in that it preserves a nice wooded area while also ensuring UNH and Durham's water supply in the foreseeable future.

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