In LA’s Silverlake neighborhood, one step closer to nature

By Trust for Public Land
Published May 20, 2014

In LA’s Silverlake neighborhood, one step closer to nature

As reported in today's LA Times, "Neighbors treat the Corralitas Red Car property like a park—and now it's one step closer to becoming one."

The Trust for Public Land is moving forward with negotiations to protect this popular 10-acre patch of wooded trails, which takes its nickname from its history as a former right of way for the Red Car trolley line. Residents use the land, one of the few spots of green in a heavily developed neighborhood, to walk their dogs and soak up a bit of nature in the city.

But despite its treatment as a beloved neighborhood park, the property is privately owned and has long been eyed for condominium development. Earlier this month, The Trust for Public Land signed an option agreement with the land owner, moving one step closer toward our goal of protecting Red Car for the public.

Read the full LA Times article to learn more, or browse a gallery of images from Red Car on our Facebook page




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