Conservation advocates, the latest issue of Land&People magazine is for you

By Trust for Public Land
Published April 29, 2018

Conservation advocates, the latest issue of Land&People magazine is for you

What happens when people like you stand up for the places they care about? That’s the question we’re asking in the latest issue of Land&People magazine—a twice-yearly collection of inspiring stories from communities where your support of The Trust for Public Land is making a difference. 
In the spring/summer 2018 issue, you’ll find:
  • The everyday advocates behind successful ballot measures that help fund local parks and open space
  • A New Orleans community using citizen science to shed light on the effects of climate change
  • How the Pacific Northwest’s Columbia River Gorge became a National Scenic Area—against the odds
… plus beautiful photography, thought-provoking interviews, and good news from all around the country.
The award-winning Land&People magazine is an exclusive benefit to supporters of The Trust for Public Land. If you’re not a member, now is the perfect time to give: from now through May 31, your donation will be matched dollar for dollar. It’s a great chance to ensure your donation will help us create parks and protect land across the country. We hope you’ll join us today!
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