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Good news: 12,000 acres conserved at Crocker Mountain

Crocker Mountain, MaineReady to explore? The High Peaks are calling.Photo credit: Jerry and Marcy Monkman

Rugged, rocky Maine keeps its secrets well. Among them: the High Peaks—a region of thriving forests, hidden lakes, and sweeping mountain vistas to rival the Rockies and Sierras. Offering some of New England’s best hiking and skiing, it’s no surprise that the High Peaks inspire a passionate community of supporters working to protect access to their favorite trails.

We’re proud to be among them. This year, The Trust for Public Land and partners succeeded in the permanent protection of more than 12,000 acres at Crocker Mountain—an area that includes three of the state’s highest peaks, as well as ten miles of the Appalachian Trail. 

Crocker Mountain, MaineBrooks and streams feed the Carrabassett River.Photo credit: Jerry and Marcy Monkman

Safeguarding this special place has big implications for what conservationists call “connectivity”—making the most of protected lands by linking them together. That makes this latest win at Crocker Mountain especially good news, whether you’re an ambitious through-hiker, an endangered bird seeking habitat, or a worker employed in sustainable forestry.

But for the locals who love this land, the High Peaks are more than a strategic spot on the map. At a community meeting, our Maine state director put it this way: “It’s who you are and who we are. All we really need to say is thank you—and have fun with that mountain!” 

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