The Everest in our backyard

By Trust for Public Land
Published July 14, 2014

The Everest in our backyard

Erik Weihenmayer’s adventures have taken him from Himalayan peaks to Antarctic ice: he’s the only blind climber to summit the highest mountain on every continent. But even though he's traveled the world, Erik knows that the wild spaces that matter most are the ones close to home—the neighborhood parks and trails that allow everyone to experience challenge and change in outdoors. 

Mt. Everest is 29,035 feet, but it’s more of a symbol. I like to see people out on a trail for the first time, or riding a bike, or taking a group of neighborhood kids up a  hill behind their house. I think Everest comes in all shapes and forms. I encourage people to get out there and go for their own Everest, whatever that may be.

We visited Erik at his home in Golden, Colorado, to explore his favorite local trail and hear why he's working for outdoor access for all. Watch the video above—or read the exclusive interview in Land&People magazine.

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