Coastal gem joins national monument

By Trust for Public Land
Published March 18, 2014

Coastal gem joins national monument

To locals, there’s never been any doubt that the windswept bluffs and gorgeous meadows of Point Arena are a national treasure. Last week, President Obama made it official, adding more than 1,500 acres along this stunning stretch of shoreline to the California Coastal National Monument.

The addition was made possible in part by The Trust for Public Land's protection of two critical coastal propertiestotaling more than 530 acresthat linked previously conserved areas together. Now, the unbroken swath of public land is the first on-shore addition to the national monument.

“Our country is blessed with some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. It’s up to us to protect them, so our children’s children can experience them, too,” Obama said. And like us, he believes that public lands are about more than good views. “By designating [these lands] a national monument, we’ll also support the local economy.”

After years of working with the community to conserve this special place, we couldn’t be happier to hear the White House announcement. It’s good news not just for locals, but for the thousands of out-of-towners who stop by each year for the sweeping views and a dose of ocean air.

We hope you’ll be one of them. In the meantime, you can get a glimpse of the latest addition to the national monument in our favorite photos from Point Arena on Facebook.

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