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Big win in Connecticut!

The Preserve, ConnecticutWe're celebrating an important step toward the protection of this much-loved forest in Connecticut.Photo credit: Mim Adkins Photography

Locals know this leafy wonderland as simply, “The Preserve”—but that’s a bit of a misnomer. In fact, the thousand-acre property is the largest piece of unprotected coastal forest between Boston and New York, the subject of hotly contested development proposals for more than 15 years.

So when the opportunity arose to protect the land permanently, the community rallied. This month, citizens in Old Saybrook turned out in record numbers to vote on a proposal to put $3 million in town funds toward the purchase of The Preserve for the public. When the votes were counted, a whopping 90% said, "Yes!"

The Preserve, ConnecticutThe Preserve is one of the region's last unbroken stretches of natural wildlife habitat.Photo credit: Mim Adkins Photography

Residents’ overwhelming support for The Preserve reflects the range of ways in which this special place serves the community. The woods are more than pretty scenery: they play an important role in safeguarding air and water quality for the entire region. “This land influences and protects Long Island Sound and the Connecticut River," The Trust for Public Land's Alicia Betty points out, "and these are the most significant natural resources we have in Connecticut."

If successfully protected for the public, The Preserve would become one of the largest public open spaces in the region. The landslide vote in Old Saybrook is a major milestone, but there's still work to be done—and you can help. Learn more here.


Elizabeth Thomas
It is our duty and privilege to protect our earth for ourselves and those to come! Thanks for all you do!! Elizabeth Thomas
Sandra Wilson
Yes -- preserve The Preserve!!!

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