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1,000 reasons to speak up for nature

The Trust for Alex's Land

Because it feels great to end a day with a sunset hike. Because the beauty of the land is an inspiration. Because we need more places where kids can be kids. There are a thousand reasons to love the outdoors, and we created the #OurLand campaign to give you a place to speak up and share yours.

Since #OurLand launched earlier this month, hundreds of you have signed on to share why nature matters to you. Here are a few of our favorite postcards from the #OurLand community. We hope they inspire you to make—and share—your own! 

The Trust for Wren and Oliver's Land

The Trust for Kiley's Land

The Trust for Jigen's Land

The Trust for Noel's Land

The Trust for Hannah's Land

The Trust for Our Kids' Land

The Trust for Bryce's Land

The Trust for Joshua's Land

The Trust for Hilary's Land



Jan Lewis
I appreciate your continued effort to preserve open & undeveloped lands, the natural environment. I pray we do not sell all gov't lands. It is the gov't's responsibility to respond to the electorate, in this case to do what is right for our environment. Why can't the gov't respond appropriately & honestly?

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