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Kolea Fukumitsu knows kalo. The starchy vegetable, also known as taro, is a traditional staple of Hawaiian diets, and Fukumitsu is in the ninth generation of his family who’ve cultivated it on the island of Oʻahu.

Fukumitsu grew up planting kalo at his...


Even if your favorite parks are closed to help slow the spread of COVID-19, you can still find nature in your neighborhood—and you can even help care for the planet from your own backyard or balcony.

How? Plant some milkweed. It’s a beautiful, hardy perennial, and it’s crucial for...


The first shift at MAʻO Organic Farms starts at 5 a.m. It’ll be a few hours until the sun rises over the Waiʻanae Range on Oʻahu’s leeward coast, but the farmers—mostly in their late teens and early 20s—are awake and ready to work. They fan out into the rows of beets and kale and through...

Benjamin Franklin Bridge

The Benjamin Franklin Bridge is a vital gateway connecting Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Great pride went into the construction of the iconic Art Deco bridge nearly 100 years ago. However, the bridge fundamentally changed the urban landscape of Camden. It’s span divided the City, fencing off North Camden from Downtown. During heavy rain and snow events, run-off from the bridge floods the surrounding and homes. We’re working with City and County leaders to change all of that. Once complete, vast gardens will capture bridge runoff, create a common green space below the bridge, and provide a safe multimodal trail to compliment the local Circuit Trail.

Cañon Ciruela Ranch

In fall 2020, visitors will benefit from improved access to the Sabinoso Wilderness—which has a history of very limited access due to surrounding private property. The Trust for Public Land purchased 8,947 acres and will donate it to the Bureau of Land Management, resulting in a nearly fifty percent increase to the wilderness area. This dramatic geological region features deep sandstone canyons, dotted with riparian areas, surrounded by grasslands on the western edge of the Great Plains.  


The Brown family has opened their farm up to the community every autumn since 1978 for all the hallmarks of the season, from chowing down on apple cider donuts to exploring a corn maze to hitching a hay ride—and of course, picking the perfect pumpkin. It’s a place where memories are made.


Autumn officially begins on September 21—at least according to the calendar. But for generations of families in Windsor, Connecticut, it’s not really fall until it’s time to visit to Brown’s Harvest, a historic farm on...


Juan De La Roca was ready to leave Colorado behind. For 25 years, he’d lived, worked, and played in the mountains around Denver and Boulder. But the state’s booming growth was driving up housing prices and snarling traffic, and the once-lonesome trails where De La Roca rode his bike were getting...

Photo of Hill Ranch with mountains in the background

The Trust for Public Land and Colorado Cattlemen’s Agricultural Land Trust have permanently protected over 5,000 acres of working ranch land, known as the Hill Family Ranches, in Saguache County, Colorado.


Don’t show up empty-handed to your Fourth of July festivities! Check out our collection of fresh summer recipes from growers we've met while protecting farms and gardens all over the country. Whether you’re pitching in for a potluck or taking charge of the full menu, we've got you covered with...