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Governor David Ige’s goal of doubling local food production by the year 2030 got a boost this week with the addition of 194 acres of a former Dole pineapple property to the Whitmore North Agricultural Lands in Central Oʻahu.

Whitmore North Agricultural Lands

Hawai‘i imports nearly 90% of its food, and yet prime agricultural land is being converted to residential and other non-agricultural uses. The governor of Hawaiʻi has responded with a call to double local food production by 2030. In Whitmore Village, near the town of Wahiawa, on the island of...

American flag flying in front of mountains

Protecting land brings all kinds of people together—in our work across the country, we’ve seen creative collaborations between everyone from hikers and birders to utility districts and railroads. But there’s one type of conservationist you might find especially surprising: military bases. ...

Trampe Ranch

Scattered across 30 miles of river bottom from Gunnison to the doorstep of Gothic, the lands owned by Trampe Ranch are some of the most familiar, productive, beautiful, and scientifically significant in the Gunnison Valley.

Fowler Clark Epstein Urban Farm, Boston

The Trust for Public Land is working with local partners and the community to transform this neglected property into a verdant working farm and center for urban agriculture.

Sawtooth Mountain Ranch, Colorado

Sawtooth Mountain Ranch is now part of more than 18,000 acres conserved by The Trust for Public Land along the San Juan Skyway, one of 31 designated scenic All-American Roads.

Garrison-Trotter Farm

There are 2,600 vacant lots scattered throughout Boston-and they've got potential. The Trust for Public Land is working to transform unused, city-owned land into neighborhood farms that will create new job opportunities and provide residents with locally grown, nutritious produce.

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There is an amazingly wondrous stone wall being erected along Route 106 on the Halifax/Plympton line, a wall that defines one of the best places to find local and organic produce on the South Shore: Billingsgate Farm...It’s hard to believe, but until recently these hardworking locals never owned their own farmland. That changed in February, however, when the Readings purchased their own plot: the 74-acre C&C Reading Farm, LLC, formerly known as the Hayward Dairy Farm, located in West Bridgewater on East Center Street.

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Mayor Martin J. Walsh announced today that The Trust for Public Land,a leading national nonprofit land conservation organization, has acquired and received permit approval from the City of Boston to create the first urban farm in Boston allowed under the City's new "Article 89" farming rules.

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More than 150 years of Colorado ranching history has been permanently protected announced The Trust for Public Land and the Colorado Cattlemen's Agricultural Land Trust (CCALT) today. Located along U.S. Highway 50 between Salida and Poncha Springs, the 700-acre Hutchinson Ranch was originally homesteaded in the 1860s by Joseph Hutchinson before Colorado achieved statehood.