Farms and ranches


Each winter, Janet Drake ventures out from her home in Phoenix to hunt in the Sky Islands. This remote region of southern Arizona is named for the isolated mountain ranges that punctuate expanses of grasslands and canyons.   

“There’s a huge range of animals in that area—bear, bobcat,...


If you’ve taken a hike anywhere within an hour’s drive of Seattle, chances are, you have Jim Ellis to thank for it. A legendary civic leader who passed away in 2019 at age 98, Ellis was the force behind an extraordinary range of public projects throughout the Puget Sound region. As a young...


Picture, if you will, a maple sugar harvest. It’s a storybook scene: a snowy New England forest, a bucket hanging on every tree catching a steady drip of sap, and a big vat simmering sweetly over a wood fire in a tumbledown barn, slowly reducing the sap into rich, amber syrup.



Residents of Stonington, Connecticut, fought a long campaign to conserve Coogan Farm—a peaceful, rural property on the banks of the Mystic River. Once the land was successfully protected in 2013,...


Kolea Fukumitsu knows kalo. The starchy vegetable, also known as taro, is a traditional staple of Hawaiian diets, and Fukumitsu is in the ninth generation of his family who’ve cultivated it on the island of Oʻahu.

Fukumitsu grew up planting kalo at his...


Even if your favorite parks are closed to help slow the spread of COVID-19, you can still find nature in your neighborhood—and you can even help care for the planet from your own backyard or balcony.

How? Plant some milkweed. It’s a beautiful, hardy perennial, and it’s crucial for...


The first shift at MAʻO Organic Farms starts at 5 a.m. It’ll be a few hours until the sun rises over the Waiʻanae Range on Oʻahu’s leeward coast, but the farmers—mostly in their late teens and early 20s—are awake and ready to work. They fan out into the rows of beets and kale and through...

Benjamin Franklin Bridge

The Benjamin Franklin Bridge is a vital gateway connecting Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Great pride went into the construction of the iconic Art Deco bridge nearly 100 years ago. However, the bridge fundamentally changed the urban landscape of Camden. It’s span divided the City, fencing off North Camden from Downtown. During heavy rain and snow events, run-off from the bridge floods the surrounding and homes. We’re working with City and County leaders to change all of that. Once complete, vast gardens will capture bridge runoff, create a common green space below the bridge, and provide a safe multimodal trail to compliment the local Circuit Trail.

Cañon Ciruela Ranch

In fall 2021, visitors will gain improved access to the Sabinoso Wilderness Area in northeast New Mexico. This remarkably beautiful and little-known landscape has a history of very limited access due to surrounding private property. The dramatic and unique geological region located on the western edge of the Great Plains features deep sandstone canyons, dotted with riparian areas, surrounded by grasslands.


The Brown family has opened their farm up to the community every autumn since 1978 for all the hallmarks of the season, from chowing down on apple cider donuts to exploring a corn maze to hitching a hay ride—and of course, picking the perfect pumpkin. It’s a place where memories are made.