Inside, you’ll find perspectives on:

Parks and health
Parks are widely recognized as critical for health and wellness, reducing anxiety, stress, and depression and improving physical health—all the more necessary during this public health emergency.

Parks and usage
During this period of quarantine, parks and public land are seeing some of their highest usage in modern times, and local officials are reporting dramatic upticks in visitors. Parks are proving to be an essential part of how we cope and recover from this crisis.

Parks and policy 
As officials reimagine park policy in real time, equitable access is becoming a driving factor in decision-making.

Parks and investment
Park systems are essential infrastructure in towns and cities across the nation. Decisions made in the next few months will determine whether the outdoors become more accessible and equitable and further benefit the health of communities, or slide backward.

Parks and the future 
The pandemic highlights that in too many communities, access to the outdoors is considered a privilege when it should be a right. With the data to pinpoint where parks are most needed, we can transform the outlook for outdoor equity across the nation.