Rider Farm

Rider Farm featured image

The Rider Farm project will turn an acre of the front lawn of Newark’s West Side High School into a fully functioning urban farm, managed by an urban farmer, and staffed by students. The farm will include a hydroponic greenhouse developed with support from The Trust for Public Land and LL Bean, as well as apple orchard, vegetable beds, an outdoor kitchen, and spaces for students and neighbors to get together and enjoy the fruits of their labors.

Rider Farm will become a source of fresh, healthy food for students and neighbors, in the heart of a community where nutritious food can be otherwise hard to find. And it will offer students hands-on opportunities to learn about farming, health, and how to run a successful business—in a community where economic opportunities are scarce. We’re partnering with West Side High Principal Ackbar Cook, West Side students and faculty, the Urban Agricultural Cooperative, LL Bean, and Newark Public Schools to design and develop the greenhouse to support the farm’s creation.