Parks for People - Bridgeport

Parks for People - Bridgeport,  Johnson Oak ParkPhoto credit: Richard Freeda

Dubbed "the Park City", Bridgeport, Connecticut, is looking to live up to its name. In 2012, the city completed a Parks Master Plan, outlining park, open space, and green infrastructure goals. The mayor declared parks critical to "the future health of the city's ecosystem, economy, and community" and asked The Trust for Public Land to help put the plan into action.

With support from the Fairfield County Community Foundation and the Anne S. Richardson Fund, we completed a feasibility study to develop outdoor play spaces in the Bridgeport neighborhoods that need them most. We've launched the pilot program with two projects: the revitalization of Johnson Oak Park in the East End and the Classical Studies Magnet Academy schoolyard in the West Side.

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Since 1972, The Trust for Public Land has protected more than 3.3 million acres and completed more than 5,400 park and conservation projects.