Bridgeport Waterfront Pathway

Photo of people riding bikes on a boardwalk of a beachPhoto credit: Marcella Kovac

Bridgeport, Connecticut is home to 24 miles of waterfront, featuring an impressive coastline and rivers that wind up into its neighborhoods. Currently, around 70% of this land is inaccessible to the public. Working with the City of Bridgeport, residents, and community groups, The Trust for Public Land is envisioning a new pathway that will skirt the city’s rivers and shorelines. The pathway would run through nine of Bridgeport’s thirteen neighborhoods, connecting residents both to the water and to each other. This initiative will increase active recreation opportunities, improve non-motorized transportation, and allow residents finally to rediscover and reclaim their waterfront. Quality of life would increase for the nearly 40,000 people that live within a 10-minute walk of the pathway.

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