North Deering Park

North Deering Park featured image

Trust for Public Land is partnering with the City of Portland to create an accessible and beautiful new public park from 20 acres of woods, trails, and open fields in the North Deering neighborhood. The future North Deering Park currently hosts baseball and soccer games, a pond, and well-traveled trails, but the land itself isn’t public and access can be revoked at any time. While 94% of Portland residents live within a 10-minute walk to a green space, the North Deering neighborhood lacks equitable access to public parks in the Portland’s park system. Protecting this acreage, which is at risk of private development, is critically important to closing the park equity gap for the North Deering community and providing residents a close-to-home green space to connect with the outdoors.

With your help, we can acquire these 20 acres to create a new city park where the surrounding community can bike, walk, hike, and explore the outdoors in their own backyard. Students attending two nearby schools would be able to use the space as an outdoor classroom to study the local wildlife, vegetation, and climate change effects that the land’s trees help mitigate. Once protected, the land will be owned by the City of Portland for residents to permanently enjoy.  Let’s help North Deering Park become a reality for the residents of Portland, and one step closer to joining the few cities in America with parks within a 10-minute walk for 100% of its residents.


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