Luis Muñoz Marín Community Schoolyard

Newark | New Jersey

What We’re Doing
Transforming the playground at Luis Muñoz Marín Elementary into a Community Schoolyard for the whole neighborhood to enjoy.

Our Goal
Create a vibrant green space that improves the daily lives of students, educators, and the surrounding community.

Luis Muñoz Marín Community Schoolyard by the Numbers
People who live within a 10-minute walk
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Students served by the schoolyard
A Schoolyard Built With Community at Its Core
A Comprehensive Plan

With direct input from students and community members, we develop a roadmap to transform their current playground into their dream schoolyard.

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Student Engagement

Through our participatory design process, students sharpen their skills in math, science, technology, and engineering by exploring ideas for their new schoolyard. They use 3D-modeling and critical thinking skills to develop their design and collaborate with other students to brainstorm ways the space can be transformed into a fun, welcoming place for all.

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Design Process

We collaborate with students, school officials, the district administration, and community members to ensure the new schoolyard will meet the vision for the entire neighborhood. We gather feedback and work with an architect to approve a final concept design.

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We’re working to transform the schoolyard into a green space that will be well-loved and well-used. This projected timeline outlines our work at Luis Muñoz Marín Community Schoolyard.

Spring 2022 | Design Complete
Fall 2022 | Finalize Construction Plans
Winter 2022 | Permits and Approvals
Fall 2023 | Construction Begins

Explore Participatory Design Sessions
Steering Committee Recordings

Do you want to learn more about the plans for Luis Muñoz Marín Community Schoolyard? Recordings of Steering Committee meetings can be found on YouTube.

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