Lincoln Elementary School

Lincoln Elementary School featured image

Of the 49 elementary schools in the Newark Public School District, the majority have schoolyards that are imposing, asphalt lots without shade, greenery, or sufficient recreational features. In some cases, playgrounds are also used as parking spaces, further limiting the space available for kids to get outside and play. That’s why we’re helping students, teachers, and local community members transform the playground at Lincoln Elementary School to create a vibrant green schoolyard that is open to the public as a community park outside of school hours.

Since 1995, we’ve transformed 13 of Newark’s schoolyards and city parks into vibrant community spaces which benefit over 95,000 residents who now live within a 10-minute walk of a quality, safe public park. Already, the students and neighbors at Lincoln Elementary have identified new amenities they want to include, like community-inspired art, new trees, a rain garden, and an outdoor classroom. Following a competitive bidding process, we anticipate construction to begin in early 2021.