John M. Patterson Elementary School

John M. Patterson Elementary School featured image

For the students of Philadelphia’s John M. Patterson Elementary School, recess used to mean having to play on a deteriorating concrete yard. Seeing a need for a healthy outdoor space, the principal and teachers of Patterson reached out to The Trust for Public Land to help. Three years later, we have developed and built a new vibrant green space for students and neighbors to enjoy.

Working with students and community members to design a vibrant park for their needs, the schoolyard has been transformed into a vibrant play space that also mitigates storm runoff. The new schoolyard includes a rain garden, basketball court, running track, a turf field and a variety of play equipment where students and neighbors can exercise, play, and learn.

With the schoolyard now open, the school’s 600 students and the nearly 3,000 children nearby are now within a 10-minute walk of a dynamic park.