Destin Beaches


What We’re Doing
Partnering with the City of Destin to create equitable access to its beaches

Our Goal
Create more green spaces so residents can reconnect with their shoreline

A seaside paradise
Public beaches and trails currently accessible
Local residents
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The Destin Beach Story

Located along the northwest panhandle of Florida, the city of Destin is known for its white sandy beaches, incredible ocean views, and superior salt-water fishing. It’s no wonder that during peak tourist season, the population of the city can double as visitors flock to the emerald green water and busy resorts. But access to the beach is not created equal, and many locals struggle to reach their beloved shoreline even during the off-season. That’s why Trust for Public Land has teamed up with the City of Destin to better beach access by creating new spaces for everyone to enjoy. By improving access and investing in well-designed parks, we can build more spaces to play, support the tourism economy, increase climate-resiliency along the coastline, and connect more people to the physical and mental health benefits that make these beaches so special.

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