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Making Midway Peace Park
Feature Story
Great parks, like Midway Peace Park in St. Paul, start with community.
The problem solvers
Feature Story
Climbers of color find their place within a sport that’s not always welcoming.
A Never-ending Story
Feature Story
In fast-growing Bozeman, voters come together in support of parks for the future of their town.
Insight: A "new age” of wildfires
A wildfire expert talks about what the future holds.
It’s for the birdies
Chicago gets a new avian-themed mini-golf course.
Nidoto Nai Yoni. Let it not happen again.
The Bainbridge Island Japanese American Exclusion Memorial stands as proof that in times of fear, citizens can choose to come together.
Linda Hwang
Director of research and innovation Linda Hwang on how data is helping to close the park equity divide.


Joseph Vincent
I'm not prejudiced (I think), but I'm also not black. 13% of the people in the country are black (supposedly), although surely maybe a larger percentage. Nevertheless, a great emphasis appears to be placed by you on the black minority. Doing more for those with less is undoubtedly warranted, but give us a more balanced approach in the stories covered.
Judy DeRosa
How is this land being acquired and maintained?
Jamie Diamandopoulos
I agree with Judy DeRosa's comment of 2/12/2022. As a potential donor, I checked out your website. It's quite attractive, but it was difficult to find SPECIFIC information about exactly what you did or do. You use mostly general terminology -- like "protected (whatever)" [but how and why?], "gathered data,". and so forth. You mention places where you have launched some sort of project but don't describe exactly what the problem was, what your goal was, what changes and improvements you accomplished, who was involved, how your funding was used, etc.
betty cooper cooper
would like to know more about actual work being done I have also donated on faith

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