Land and People Magazine: Fall-Winter 2020
Our magazine about the parks, gardens,
and trails that make your community special.
The long road to victory
Feature Story
Behind the 30-year fight to save America’s most important parks program: the Land and Water Conservation Fund.
Feature Story
A New England town’s future grows with its forest.
Feature Story
Our everyday lives went sideways in 2020. Where do we go from here? Meet five leaders with a vision for how the outdoors can help us heal, and a plan to build a more equitable future for all.
Insight: the Organizer
Neighborhood activist Taylor Toynes on parks and community power.
A traditional harvest at Saguaro National Park
Outside Tucson, a family preserves generations-old techniques for making the most of the desert’s bounty.
Meet our staff: Sadiya Muqueeth
Our community health director says parks can help promote health for all.
A win for the Appalachian Trail
Visitors have long had to rely on permission from timber companies to access Bald Mountain Pond—an arrangement that was more tradition than guarantee.


Barbara Tetreault
Randolph is one of the communities in our coverage area and I am interested in reprinting your story Everlasting. I wondered if you would grant permission - We would provide credit to the TPL and to the author and photographer. I would probably be able to run one or two photos at most. But I think the story would provide residents here with a different perspective on community forests.
Nancy Arny Pi-Sunyer
I'm not generally a writer of letters to magazines. But Covid has led us all to do new things, or old things in new ways. Kudos for an important issue in Fall/Winter 2020. I particularly was taken by the stories about unlikely hikers and others who we "traditional outdoorsy people" have not always noticed or recognized along the trails in Nature. Hooray for those who are advocating to help EVERYONE get out and enjoy this beautiful world, whether in a city park or a National Park. I confess, though, it was Steve Edward's "The Last Cricket" that inspired me to write to thank you all at TPL for a delightful diversion on a cold day in Covid Time, and for all you do to keep our world beautiful, healthy and available for ALL of us to savor.
Paul Winters
I renewed my membership recently and always look forward to receiving the latest issue of Lands & People. One of the the things I like best about the Magazine is the coverage of TPL's work of creating parks and open space in urban areas. In the 2020 election, my city passed the Community Preservation Act which many municipalities in our state of Massachusetts have already adopted. It will encourage the creation of parks, open space and the preservation of historic landmarks through matching funds from the Commonwealth. A win for conservation!
Kat Greilich
I would like to know The Trust For Public Land policy on feral cats. Does The Trust For Public Land have anything to say about feral cats?

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