Parks for People


For decades, residents of Chattanooga’s Oak Grove neighborhood have made the most of the forgotten space on Lynnbrook Avenue. It’s not much to look at—a vacant asphalt lot and an empty field, cut by a concrete ditch, shaded by a few big old broadleaf trees. But for the families who live close by...


Behind every spruced-up playground, every picnic-bench lunch spot, and every mile of greenway are dedicated people who put their time, skills, and passion into making their neighborhoods better places to live. As The Trust for Public Land works to put a park within a...

Photo of kids planning with a map, phones, laptops

The Trust for Public Land is helping residents of Boston’s Grove Hall neighborhood transform a prominently situated vacant lot into a new park, through a partnership with the Boston Parks & Recreation Department and Boston Department of Neighborhood Development.


This year’s Super Bowl played out at the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium in downtown Atlanta, a gleaming 30-story structure that opened in 2017.

The new stadium is visible from pretty much anywhere in Vine City, a residential neighborhood on the edge of downtown Atlanta. It looms large from the...


Parks make our cities happier, healthier, and more prosperous. But today, more than 100 million Americans don’t have a park within a 10-minute walk of home. Instead, kids play in streets, alleyways, or vacant lots. Or they just stay inside, eyes glued to screens—a national crisis of inactivity...


For over 500 years, a lone white oak grew in the heart of the East End of Bridgeport, Connecticut. It stood while the Cupheag people still fished at the mouth of the Pequonnock River, when the Puritans settled in the 1630s, and when a man named Edward Johnson farmed the land around it in the...

Knowing that multi-use paths and linear parks are a great way to connect people to nature and to provide space through which communities and neighborhoods can commute, play, and live, we’re planning a multi-use, bike and pedestrian path for more than three million New Yorkers on Long Island.

Photo of Winthrop Campus Community Playground in East Flatbush, Brooklyn

In light of the chronically deep disparities in health and wellness in Central Brooklyn compared with other New York regions, Governor Andrew Cuomo's Vital Brooklyn Initiative aims to bring a new holistic model of community development to these areas, together addressing jobs, health, housing, crime, poverty and lack of open space.


For farm workers in eastern Washington, the start of fall means the end of the cherry season—and the conclusion of a long, hot summer harvest. 

“Cherries come on fast, and they have to be picked fast, and then they’re done,” says Teresa Bendito, a lifelong resident of Wenatchee, a small...