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In 2021, The Trust for Public Land partnered with The Boeing Company to launch an Environment Leadership Award that recognizes environmental volunteers in Arizona, California, Oregon, and Washington who have made positive impacts in their communities.

The goal of the award is to honor...


A Cooper’s hawk hovers over a mouse, a squirrel, and other prey. Nearby, a Baltimore oriole looks longingly at the berries that fuel its migration. And a red-winged blackbird sits beneath cattails in a marshy area that constitutes its preferred habitat.

This wasn’t a fruitful day of...


When communities are able to safely come together to experience nature, they are healthier, stronger, more connected, and more equitable. That’s why we established our Equitable Communities Fund, with a goal to raise $50 million to energize efforts...


The Los Angeles River cuts a stick-straight line through the city of South Gate. Funneled into a broad concrete channel, crossed by the 710 Freeway, and cut off from most residents by a wall of industrial infrastructure, today the river is more afterthought than asset, more obstacle than open...


It’s 2 o’clock on a hot summer afternoon. You’re getting ready to meet some friends at the park for a game of basketball. Which T-shirt would you grab from the closet?



With the release of our groundbreaking new report, “Parks and an equitable recovery,” researchers at The Trust for Public Land have brought America’s park equity problem into sharper focus than ever before.

When we analyzed...


America has a park problem. There's a major divide between who does and doesn't have access to the outdoors, with the greatest disparities falling across racial and economic lines.

How do we know? We've measured it. We're releasing a groundbreaking new report,...

Banning Ranch

Banning Ranch covers 401 acres of undeveloped land between Newport Beach and Costa Mesa, standing out in stark contrast to the surrounding densely developed southern California coast.  The property is the largest private piece of land remaining on the California coast between Ventura County and the US/Mexico border.  


Trust for Public Land community organizer Dayana Molina has worked in our Los Angeles office for four years, helping residents plan and care for the parks and open spaces they need and deserve. But she says little in her background prepared her for the challenges that people in South Los Angeles...


The Deepwater Horizon environmental and economic disaster of April 2010, is considered the largest environmental disasters in the United States. For its role in the disaster, BP quickly agreed to pay $1B into the Early Restoration Natural Resource Damage Assessment, later agreeing with the U.S. Department of Justice and the five impacted Gulf states to an overarching $20.8 billion settlement in 2015. The Trust for Public Land partnered with Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) to invest over $15 million of these Early Restoration funds to create Lynn Haven Bayou Park and Preserve. Additionally, FDEP and the City have entered into a 10-year operations and maintenance agreement for another $3.5M.