Decision support tools for climate change planning

ga_historicfourthwardpark_06202011_061.jpgHistoric Fourth Ward Park in Atlanta, GA.Photo credit: Darcy Kiefel

The Trust for Public Land’s Climate-Smart Cities™ program helps cities nationwide create parks and conserve land to meet the climate challenge. A flagship service of this program is the development of spatial decision support tools to translate goals from a city’s strategic climate planning into priority sites for green infrastructure development through the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology.

This study reports on the tools and data currently available to cities for climate change decision support, as well as the interests, needs and capacity of potential users within municipal government and among partner organizations. Among other findings, this study found that there is a wide disparity in climate planning and readiness between cities, and that the value of climate change decision support tools is much greater than the data and technical capabilities. The findings will help inform the development of more effective spatial decision support tools for climate change planning.