Coastal lands


In the sport of crew, rowers talk about finding their “swing”—the blissful state when every athlete in the boat is working together in perfect unison. Teams spend hours out on the water working toward that feeling: every oar hitting the water at the same speed and the same angle, pull after pull...


The California Coastal National Monument is not your typical park. For one thing, it’s 1,100 miles long, stretching the full distance between the Oregon and Mexico borders. And until recently, if you wanted to visit, you’d need a boat—or wings, or scales, or a thick layer of blubber.



One evening, years ago, Dennis Hart’s mother told him that she wanted to go for a hike.

She was in her 80s then, her health unsteady, but she had an important destination in mind: the remnants of the ancient Hawaiian villages of Kauleoli and Ki’ilae. As a young girl, she’d spent seasons...


After more than 150 years on a small, inland reservation, the Kashia band of Pomo Indians has at last returned to the California coast. 

Just a few hours north of San Francisco, the Kashia Coastal Reserve is 700 acres of redwood groves, wave-battered bluffs, and fog-swept prairie. Thanks...

Residential units line the shoreline of Jamaica Bay, NY

This study investigates the role that New York City coastal green infrastructure, such as beaches and marshes, played in mitigating building damages during hurricane Sandy in 2012.

Lighthouse on Kilauea Point with a ship in the distance

There’s something about a lighthouse that captures the imagination. Maybe it’s eerie tales of ships lost at sea, or the courage of the lone lighthouse-keeper braving the storm to keep the lantern lit through the night. Or maybe it’s that the rocky shores so hazardous to passing ships are also...

American flag flying in front of mountains

Protecting land brings all kinds of people together—in our work across the country, we’ve seen creative collaborations between everyone from hikers and birders to utility districts and railroads. But there’s one type of conservationist you might find especially surprising: military bases. ...

Waipā Kuleana

The Trust for Public Land and Waipā Foundation are working to purchase two kuleana properties in Waipā–Kaluanono and Halulu Fishpond Access – to fasten Waipā Foundation on Kaua‘i’s north shore.


Kaunamano means “multitudes are placed here,” reflecting the thriving Hawaiian fishing community that once lived and trained in lua (traditional Hawaiian martial art) on the southeastern coast of Hawai‘i Island.

Kauleolī fishing village

The remains of the ancient fishing village of Kauleoli lie just south of Pu‘uhonua o Honaunau National Historic Park on the Kona Coast of Hawai‘i Island.