Coastal lands


In many parts of the country, golf courses are struggling to turn a profit: by some estimates, 800 have closed down in just the past decade. When they do, they leave a hundred-acre question behind: what should happen to all that land?

In some communities, locals opt to keep once-private...


The California city of Ventura was in the news in December when it got caught up in the massive Thomas Fire, which burned more than 280,000 acres. The city’s Westside neighborhood, where we’ve been working to build a new park on the site of a defunct factory, narrowly escaped disaster.


Photo of Waimea Native Forest

At famous Waimea Bay, surfers ride big waves, humpback whales give birth, and spinner dolphins rest. Storm events bring sediment and pollution runoff that hinder all of these activities. In the mountains that frame Waimea Bay, The Trust for Public Land is working to buy over 3,700 acres of forested watershed that feeds into the bay.


San Luis Obispo—or SLO, as it’s known to locals—is a town of about 50,000 people tucked into the rolling hills on the Central California Coast. Halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles, it’s a world away from any big city, with a laid-back, outdoorsy vibe all its own. After work, residents...


July 10 is the last day to submit your comments on the national monuments review!

There’s no easy way to get to Point Arena: the three-hour drive from San Francisco hugs...


In the sport of crew, rowers talk about finding their “swing”—the blissful state when every athlete in the boat is working together in perfect unison. Teams spend hours out on the water working toward that feeling: every oar hitting the water at the same speed and the same angle, pull after pull...


The California Coastal National Monument is not your typical park. For one thing, it’s 1,100 miles long, stretching the full distance between the Oregon and Mexico borders. And until recently, if you wanted to visit, you’d need a boat—or wings, or scales, or a thick layer of blubber.



One evening, years ago, Dennis Hart’s mother told him that she wanted to go for a hike.

She was in her 80s then, her health unsteady, but she had an important destination in mind: the remnants of the ancient Hawaiian villages of Kauleoli and Ki’ilae. As a young girl, she’d spent seasons...


After more than 150 years on a small, inland reservation, the Kashia band of Pomo Indians has at last returned to the California coast. 

Just a few hours north of San Francisco, the Kashia Coastal Reserve is 700 acres of redwood groves, wave-battered bluffs, and fog-swept prairie. Thanks...

Residential units line the shoreline of Jamaica Bay, NY

This study investigates the role that New York City coastal green infrastructure, such as beaches and marshes, played in mitigating building damages during hurricane Sandy in 2012.