Blake Wetherbee

Blake is a passionate conservationist, outdoorsman, skier, and bowhunter originally from Boulder, Colorado and Missoula, Montana. While pursuing environmental studies and sciences at Ithaca College, he ran environmental science labs, managed and maintained the trail system at Ithaca College Natural Lands, kept bees and made maple syrup, and volunteered with the Finger Lakes land trust. During the summers, Blake taught at wilderness survival schools, where he picked up a love for wooden bow-making and bowhunting. He also attained his Wilderness EMT with Aerie Backcountry Medicine, based out of Missoula, MT.

Having finished his undergraduate studies, Blake began his career as a field scientist with Cornell University and Battelle Ecology. He specialized in wetland delineation and mapping in upstate New York, and plant species diversity studies across ecological zones in Colorado. After enjoying a season as a Commercial Alaskan Sockeye Fisherman in Bristol Bay, Blake pursued further scientific education at Harvard University, completing a post baccalaureate premedical sciences program. Since 2020, Blake has been Director of Partners in the digital health vendor ecosystem — currently at Solera Health.

In Blake’s free time you can find him exploring new trails in the national forests, practicing with his hunting bow (and making new bows), skiing, learning how to cook Indian cuisine, and visiting his family in Missoula, Montana. He wants to further his relationship with the outdoors by getting into backcountry skiing, and eventually earn his private pilot’s license. Blake is excited to be working with the Trust for Public Land on NRAB, and hopes to assist in conserving the great outdoors for all Americans.