Our history

We were founded in 1972 on the conviction that all people need access to nature and the outdoors, close to home, in the cities and communities where they live, as a matter of health, equity, and justice.

While many conservation organizations set aside wildlands for biodiversity or habitat restoration, our founders sought to bring the benefits of parks and nature to the places, people, and communities that needed them most.

tplstaff_tplhistory_12152011_006.jpg-Our staff in San Francisco, 1974
Our History-Students in Brooklyn, New York in 2019. 

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As we like to say, "Come for the land, stay for the people." We hire the best and brightest in the business. Check out open positions near you, and become a part of our dream team.

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Our leadership

Our leadership team is inspired every day by the vibrant and varied communities we serve.
Strategic Plan
Our strategic plan
We've set a powerful vision and ambitious goals for the next five years. Here's what we're going to accomplish by 2025.
2020 Annual Report
2021 Annual Report
See how our supporters are connecting people to the outdoors all across the country.
Financial reports are one way we report back to the supporters who make our work possible. Our work together improves the lives of millions of people, and we—and they—thank you for your support.