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Bayside Trail, Portland, Maine
Smart urban strategies to address a changing climate

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Say you're out exploring in your favorite national park—skirting the base of a rock formation in Joshua Tree, or making your way to the windswept coast at Acadia. You're just getting into a rhythm when the trail takes a turn and you see, instead of an empty horizon, a house and driveway. Huh...



3 hours ago
McMansions in our national parks? No thanks! Here’s what we can do about it - http://t.co/qAroKiWyhw http://t.co/80qYAVDtKR
5 hours ago
Turning blight into a boon. Making alleys a place for play (not old couches) http://t.co/xXvU4mrfXb via @NextCityOrg http://t.co/ihAZT6lVj6
8 hours ago
RT @Adrian_Benepe: NYC can spell relief with @QueensWayNYC: 606 trail offers healthy 'relief' for Chicagoans http://t.co/b1ACw07JVM @tpl_or