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This first-of-its-kind report for the Philadelphia Parks Alliance documents the economic value of the city's park system for seven different factors - clean air, clean water, tourism, direct use, health, property value and community cohesion.

In Pittsburgh, activists and scientists are working with government agencies to bring a biologically dead stream back to life. Nine Mile Run, which begins in neighborhoods high above the Monongahela River then flows through Frick Park, is the greatest stream restoration project ever undertaken by the Army Corps of Engineers and the subject of this article. (Originally published in Landscape Architecture, November, 2007)

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The Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC), Highlands Coalition, and The Trust for Public Land (TPL) today released the "Pennsylvania Highlands Conservation Atlas," a resource for prioritizing land conservation opportunities in the 1.4-million-acre Pennsylvania (PA) Highlands region stretching across southeastern PA.

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Montgomery County voters have made their views regarding open space known: they want more of it protected and are willing to pay. Today, county voters approved by an overwhelming 78 percent margin the $150 million County Open Space Referendum, continuing the county's successful land conservation program.

This report that presents a realistic and agreed-upon analysis of local source water issues and recommendations to assist implementation of land conservation and restoration strategies in the Prettyboy Watershed.

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The voters of Northampton County approved the Open Space Referendum the November 5 general election. The measure allows Northampton County to raise $37 million for farmland preservation, protection of environmentally sensitive lands, and park acquisition and improvements.

This report summarizes the initial phase of mapping and modeling for the "Protecting the Source" project funded by the United States Environmental Protection Agency EPA.

The Trust for Public Land, in partnership with the University of Massachusetts and the USDA Forest Service, is conducting Source Water Stewardship Projects in four pilot watersheds throughout the eastern United States to demonstrate land conservation and forest management practices for source water protection. This project is designed to integrate and build upon work already underway in each of the four watersheds, such as state source water assessments and other local planning efforts. Although the partners have been funded to provide technical project support, the Source Water Stewardship Project in each watershed is locally led and driven.

Prettyboy Watershed Reservoir Action Plan.

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Voters in the fast-growing county overwhelmingly approved the Green Future Fund, a $30 million county bond to protect open space and farmland and to expand and improve local parks. The measure passed with 70 percent of the vote. TPL provided strategic advice to the volunteer campaign committee, which hopes to secure similar levels of funding for land conservation and parks in neighboring Northampton County.