What’s Your Park Personality

No matter what type of park matches your personality, chances are we’ve had our hand in protecting or creating one near you. From community gardens and city parks to vast tracts of wilderness, protecting the places people care about—more than 3 million acres so far—is at the heart of our work.

If you haven’t already, or you’d like to take it again, take our park personality quiz.


There’s nothing you’d rather do than visit your city’s parks, playgrounds and outdoor spaces. A kid at heart, you’re always on the go. You prefer the hustle and bustle of urban settings, but you also know how to kick back and relax … in style. Whether you’re reading the latest New York Times bestseller in your neighborhood park, or pitching for your company’s softball team at the city’s field, you make the most of the world around you. You know how important it is for kids and adults to have a place to play.

That’s why you’ll be thrilled that The Trust for Public Land is building new playgrounds and reclaiming outdoor areas in cities across the country, for everyone to enjoy. You can visit our efforts in cities across the country including Atlanta, Denver, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City, and Chicago. Whether you’re seeking peace and quiet under the shade of an oak tree, or taking the kids to swing on the swing set, we make sure there’s a park close-to-home … for you and the all the other kids on your block.

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Your favorite natural areas are near the water, whether it’s a sunny beach, roaring river or placid lake. Cool, calm and collected, you are a natural born leader, with gut instincts that never fail. You steer through life’s ups and downs, and can guide anyone through a crisis, all without breaking a sweat. Whether kayaking whitewater rapids, fly fishing or braving rough surf, you stay composed in high-pressure situations … and make it look easy. To you, life’s a beach!

And when it comes to keeping our beaches, coasts, and waterways beautiful and our water sources clean and safe, you’ll be glad to know The Trust for Public Land is on board to protect and maintain your favorite aquatic places to play, explore, and connect with nature. We’ve protected some of the most spectacular places for recreation and reflection including the Puget Sound on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula, the Miami River Greenway and the coastal shorelines of Hawaii. But our love for water doesn’t stop there – we’re using land conservation to help ensure water quality for everyone. And that’s good news for beach bums and mariners alike!

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There’s nothing you’d rather do than get your hands dirty in your community’s garden. With a heart more tender than that of a steamed artichoke, you are a true giver. If a neighbor has lost hope for a dying house plant, chances are you’ve adopted it, and it’s now flourishing in your care. Friends describe you as patient, nurturing and down-to-earth. You’re a firm believer in the old adage “You reap what you sow,” so you’re extremely hardworking. Yet you still take time to stop and smell the roses … or the hydrangeas … or the green onions.

And you believe everyone deserves the opportunity to do just that, no matter where they live. We at The Trust for Public Land couldn’t agree more! We create community gardens in cities, so that even urbanites have access to green, outdoor spaces, as well as fresh foods. Throughout New York City, over 64 gardens were saved from destruction and transformed from vacant lots into vibrant spaces where nature and community thrive. Our community gardens also cultivate the budding green-thumbs of city kids, through hands-on environmental education programs. Helping kids – and communities – blossom is something every Green Thumb can dig.

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Your favorite places feature tall trees, rugged mountain sides and awe-inspiring views. “Adventure” is your middle name. You love the thrill of discovery and will gladly throw caution to the wind and go wherever life takes you. You’re also perfectly content to forge your own path through unmapped territory, relying solely on your inner compass. Those around you admire your resourceful nature, especially your ability to build a roaring campfire, identify edible plants, and treat a snake bite. A free spirit, you’re up for any kind of adventure, but you’re most at home in the great outdoors – hiking up a mountain trail or sleeping under the stars.

The Trust for Public Land has Trailblazers like you in mind when we protect our nation’s last-remaining wild places, by having them preserved as public parks for generations to enjoy. We’ve protected America’s iconic landscapes like Wilson Peak, one of the Colorado 14-ers, scenic Katahdin Lake in Maine, and 17,000 acres of the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon, so future generations can experience that indescribable feeling that only comes from witnessing nature at its best.

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To you, the best parks are those that preserve our cultural and historic heritage. Well-read, intelligent, and cultured, you have an appreciation for the finer things in life. You excel at trivia games and the Sunday crossword, and are equally at-home at the symphony or participating in historical re-enactments. Your vacation motto is … the more museums the better! Respected and admired for your enviable knowledge of the Civil War, the Gold Rush, and the Lewis & Clark expedition, you could provide expert testimony on multiple History Channel programs. But most importantly, you recognize that we must learn from the past to create a better future.

And there’s no better reminder of where we’ve been and what we’ve accomplished than our nation’s historic and cultural parks. That’s why The Trust for Public Land has saved and restored landmarks like Henry David Thoreau’s Walden Woods, The Martin Luther King Jr. Historic District, and countless other national treasures. Like you, we want to ensure our country’s heritage is preserved for future generations.

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