Trading Traffic for Trails

May is National Bike month!

We’re pumping up our tires, dusting off our helmets, and packing our commuter bags for Bike-to-Work Day on May 18th. As we gear up to swap four wheels for two, we’re celebrating the many bike trails we’ve helped create—and are creating—in communities across the country.

The Tennessee Riverwalk

Cyclists in Chattanooga can pedal the Riverwalk trail on Bike-to-Work Day. We’re sure they’ll find cruising through the heart of downtown beats pumping the brakes in rush-hour traffic.

Pinellas Trail

In Florida, commuters can leave the SUV in the garage and cycle from Tarpon Springs to St. Petersburg on the Pinellas Trail. Fresh air and sparkling water views make a sunrise ride on the Pinellas a sure-cure for a case of the Mondays.

Bayside Trail

Once-upon-a-time a string of vacant parking lots and metal scrap yards, the Bayside Trail now offers residents a clean and green way to get to work and school in Portland, Maine. Connecting to the Back Cove trail, East End Beach, and Portland’s waterfront, the lighted trail sees them safely home, too.

Towpath Trail

Ohioans can trade traffic in for views of the Erie Canal on the Towpath Trail. This popular will ultimately run 100 miles from Cleveland to New Philadelphia and connect the Link to Lake Trail and the Walworth Run Trail, providing bike byways to people across the state.

Gwynns Falls Trail

In Baltimore, getting out of the car and on to the Gwynns Falls Trail takes you past eighteenth and nineteenth century mansions, ruins of a mock fort from the 1800’s, one of the largest wilderness woodland areas in the Eastern United States, and a relic water wheel—all on the way to work.

Work on the following trails is ongoing:

Lafitte Greenway

Live in New Orleans? Soon you can cruise from the French Quarter through the Treme and Mid-City neighborhoods to Lakeview on the Lafitte Greenway. We’re working to adorn the bayou view with parks and playgrounds along the way.

Westside Rail-Trail

In Toledo, our work on the Westside Rail-Trail will have students and commuters riding the rail to work and school. Bikers and pedestrians will enjoy this 11-mile long converted railroad-to-trail that unifies three University of Toledo campuses and several parks and trail systems.

The Bloomingdale

In Chicago, watch as we transform a 2.7-mile stretch of abandoned, elevated railroad track into The Bloomingdale Park and Trail. This multi-use trail is one of our favorite new trail projects and will provide a green and safe bike and pedestrian corridor and commuting option between several neighborhoods.

Find a Bike Month event in your area and get involved!