Access to the outdoors is a fundamental human need, and all communities are stronger, healthier, and more connected when everyone is able to get outside and engage with nature. Investments in these green spaces reflect the core values and goals of a community, but it can be difficult to identify where investments are needed. That’s why local leaders rely on Trust for Public Land’s ParkScore® index: a powerful tool that gives communities the information they need to help close the park equity gap. It rates park systems across the U.S. by comparing five categories: equity, access, investment, amenities, and acreage.

Based on our analysis, Stamford’s park system received a ParkScore® rating of 44/100 points, indicating that it ranks slightly below average when compared to the most populous cities in the country. 71% of residents live within a 10-minute walk, making the city slightly above average for ensuring residents have access to at least one close-to-home park. It also ranks above average for equity, with people of color and low-income households more likely to live within a 10-minute walk of a park than the average city resident.

But there’s opportunity for improvements across acreage, amenities, and overall park investment. The city performs more poorly in those categories, indicating that although most residents live within a walkable half-mile, there is room to increase the range of activities available at parks, to increase park size, and to invest more in parks.

Our report provides the data needed to strategically update and improve Stamford parks to better serve all residents regardless of zip code.

Want more details? Download the Stamford ParkScore® Analysis.