We help structure, negotiate, and complete land transactions that create parks, playgrounds, and protected natural areas. 

We buy land from willing landowners and then transfer it to public agencies, land trusts, or other groups for permanent protection. In some instances, we will protect land through conservation easements, which restrict development but permit traditional uses such as farming and ranching.

Transactions at or below fair market value

We convey land or easements to public agencies at or below fair market value, as established by an appraisal that strictly meets the agency’s requirements. In most transactions, we do not charge the agency a fee for staff time or costs. As a qualified 501(c)(3) public charity, the organization is supported by charitable donations. Significant support comes from donations of land value or cash from landowners who sell property to us.

Working with landowners

Landowners appreciate working with us because, as a private party, we can move quickly, confidentially, and predictably. We structure transactions to meet the financial and timing needs of landowners. We also provide expertise in  appraisals, title issues, property surveys, and public agency procedures.

Working with public agencies

Public agencies appreciate that we can often secure transaction funding and provide the extra staff, financial expertise, and legal support needed to move quickly. We coordinate due diligence to ensure that conditions are acceptable, and may provide technical assistance in acquiring land in cases involving contaminated sites or “brownfields.”

For transaction services, contact your local office.