Mecklenburg County Park Value Report

A new study of the park system of Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, shows that the county's parks generate considerable economic value—both to the local government and to Mecklenburg County residents.

According to the detailed analysis by the Center for City Park Excellence, Mecklenburg's parks deliver to the county annual revenue of $8.3 million, savings of $25.3 million, resident savings of $923 million and a collective increase of resident wealth of $28.8 million.

These different economic values stem from seven different measurable factors provided by the parks—clean air, clean water, tourism, direct use, health, property value, and community cohesion.

The report, commissioned by Mecklenburg County Parks and Recreation, is the sixth in a series of such studies. Previous cities analyzed include Denver, Philadelphia, Sacramento, San Diego and Wilmington, Delaware. 

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