Land&People, Spring 2002

Island Prairie
By Marla Williams

Preserving a delicate balance on Whidbey Island.

Last Refuge on the River
By Emilia Askari

On the Detroit River, local passion and international cooperation create a new wetland refuge for birds, fish, and people.

Corralling Sprawl
By Richard Mahler

A tool called “purchase of developments rights” is helping keep ranchers in business and families on the land.

Putting Down Roots
By Martha Sutro

New York’s community gardeners plant seeds of hope.

Life at Stillmeadow
By Alan Bisbort

A writer’s Connecticut farm inspires anew.

A New Language for Land
By Susan Ives

A Conversation with TPL President Will Rogers.

The Other Reasons
By Tony Hiss

In the wake of the September 11 attacks, a New Yorker reflects on the need to heal “places of hurt.”