Land&People, Spring 2001

In the Footsteps of Lewis and Clarkby Mark Matthews
Rediscovering the legacy of the Lewis and Clark expedition on the eve of its bicentennial.

Taking Back the Waterfront
by Martha Sutro

Citizens reclaim Brooklyn’s hardworking waterfront for a new park.

The Heart of Halawa
by Patricia Tummons

How one couple’s dream of restoring taro cultivation in a Moloka`i valley helped grow a cultural renaissance.

Conservation Financing Comes of Age
by Richard M. Stapleton

With their agricultural heritage at stake, fast-growing communities throughout the rural West are turning to purchase of development programs, in which ranchers are paid to forego their rights to develop their land but continue to own it.

Parks, Lost and Found
by Dianne Dumanoski

Residents of gritty East Boston are winning the long fight to re-green their neighborhood.

Thinking Regionally: A Conversation with Peter Calthorpe
by Susan Ives

The Third Planet: Operating Instructions
by David R. Brower