Land&People Spring 1999

The Old Neighborhood
A Conversation with Ray Suarez
by Tom Horton

NPR talk-show host Suarez considers what was lost in the great suburban migration–and how we might recover it

Sprawl or Species?
by Peter Steinhart

Fast-growing San Diego County leads the nation in imperiled species, but a controversial new plan hopes to reconcile development and habitat

River Land for River People
by Marla Williams

Development is on hold at Lyle Point, Washington, as Native people hold fast to ancient traditions and a river town weighs its future

Mountains Without Borders
by Richard M. Stapleton

The Northeast’s Taconics, long an undiscovered treasure, reap the benefits of preservation efforts

Open Space Investments Pay Big Returns
by Steve Lerner & William Poole

When communities invest in green spaces, they save a lot more than land

Where There’s Hope
by Janisse Ray

Taking a lost election to heart, a writer-activist seeks hope in the land itself