Land&People, Spring 1998

The Trust for Public Land’s full-color magazine is published twice each year. Land&People is one of the benefits received by TPL supporters.

Walking on a Dream
by Stephen Trimble

Volunteers are assembling Utah’s Bonneville Shoreline Trail in a race against sprawl.

A Prairie Called Katy
by Tom Horton

Conservationists, hunters, engineers, and developers unite to restore Texas’ once-vast prairie habitat.

To Save a Vanishing View
by Richard M. Stapleton

A new statewide program offers New Jersey towns economic incentives to conserve open space.

Return of the Sinkyone
by William Poole

Native Americans regain ownership of long-contested California lands for the first-ever intertribal park.

A Legacy of Trees
by Kathie Durbin

From New Hampshire to Washington, the Forest Legacy program helps save working forests. Can the program itself be saved?

Building a Bigger Table
by James S. Hoyte

An advocate for environmental justice sees growing accord between minority communities and mainstream environmentalists.

A Conversation with Robert G. Stanton
by Neil Strassman

The National Parks Service director talks to Land & People about his career and his vision for our national parks.