Land&People, Fall 2000

The Miami Circle
by Herb Hiller

The discovery of a 2,000-year-old stone circle at a construction site gives Miami a new outlook on its past and future.

Holding the High Ground
by Richard M. Stapleton

Within sight of the Manhattan skyline, hawks patrol the forested New Jersey Highlands, the state’s last bastion against sprawl.

Rethinking Growth
by Tom Horton

As the economic boom fuels development nationwide, states from Maryland to Utah are tailoring their own approaches to smart growth.

Walking the Safewalk
by Harry Austin

Chattanooga’s revival had bypassed Alton Park–until neighbors came together to create a beautiful and safe urban greenway.

Central Park Populist
A conversation with Erana Stennett
by Susan Ives

The Central Park Conservancy’s point person for community relations talks about fishing in Harlem, parent-designed playgrounds, and fostering a caretaking mentality.

Northwoods Journal
by Jim Brandenburg
A premier wilderness phtotographer goes to his northern Minnesota roots to renew his bond with the natural world.