Lake Chelan Community Open Space Vision

Lake Chelan and its surrounding foothills provide extremely rich scenic, recreational, ecological, and agricultural resources to local communities and visitors. The area is known for having significant freshwater access points that provide spectacular fishing, boating, swimming, and other waterfront activities. Chelan has significant environmental features including unique wetlands, open spaces, woodlands, shorelines, waterfronts, significant forest cover, bluffs, and other characteristics that support wildlife and reflect the city’s resource heritage. The community priorities identified throughout this planning process are: (1) protect water quality; (2) protect wildlife habitat; (3) promote community health through increasing access to trails, parks, and the lake; and (4) preserve agricultural land. The Lake Chelan Open Space Vision project identifies the highest priority areas to consider for new open space in a way that will maximize the benefit to natural resources and the local economy. As the area grows, strategic placement of parks and open space will be needed to maintain these resources, while developing new recreational opportunities and maintaining the community’s agricultural heritage which are critical to the local economy.

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