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The Trust for Public Land and the City Parks Alliance are excited to announce the launch of The Field Guide for Creative Placemaking and Parks, funded in partnership with the National Endowment for the Arts, and written by Matthew Clarke. We define creative placemaking as a cooperative, community-based process using arts and cultural expression to create or rejuvenate parks and open spaces, thus deepening a sense of place and inspiring community pride.

The Field Guide is intended to connect creative placemaking with parks and open spaces. It answers two important questions: first, “What is creative placemaking?” and second, “How does creative placemaking make for better parks and stronger communities?” The Field Guide attempts to answer these questions by demonstrating the power of creative placemaking to do the following:

  • Strengthen the role of parks and open space as an integrated part of comprehensive community development.
  • Advance arts- and culturally-based approaches to all phases of park making, thereby creating social connections within and between communities.
  • Foreground the role of parks as cultural products unto themselves, as important sites for civic gathering and activity.
  • Foster innovation, design excellence, and beauty in community parks and open spaces.

The Field Guide is organized into two broad section: a “how-to” guide for strategizing and implementing a park-based creative placemaking project; and a set of eleven compelling case studies that demonstrate the breadth of this kind of community development.

While this resource is intended to be used by parks professionals across the country, it will also find strong purchase among a wide variety of other practitioners and individuals. The Trust for Public Land has embedded creative placemaking into its work as a national program that support its mission to protect and create land for people. The organization will continue its partnership with the City Parks Alliance to turn the Field Guide into a curriculum for local parks organizations.

To download an eBook version of the Field Guide, please click this link. To download a pdf, please see below.

To request a hard copy of the Field Guide for Parks and Creative Placemaking, please contact:

Geneva Vest
Phone: 212-677-7171

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