The Coalition: A Grand and Practical Compromise

The Trust for Public Land and our partners have achieved amazing conservation funding heights for parks and open space, including the creation of more than $80 billion in public funds across the nation. But one program in Washington State has proven over time, that when you build bi-partisan support, and nurture relationships based on shared recreation and conservation values, you can create a lasting legacy.

The Washington Wildlife and Recreation Program (WWRP) has engendered conservation and recreation grants that have achieved a remarkable 30-year record in meeting community demands for recreation and conservation infrastructure. This program helped assure a record for fairness, integrity and effectiveness in responding to community demands for more conservation-based recreation that has reinforced public and legislative support.

In fact, even compared to the conservation community’s great success in 2020 with the Great American Outdoors Act, Washington’s share of these federal funds would amount to 10-20% of recent state WWRP appropriations. If more states were to adopt programs along the lines of WWRP, it’s reasonable to hope the funding available for land conservation could rise 5-10 times in those states—a contribution to land conservation that would make a difference!

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