Climate-Smart Cities™–Boston

Climate change is introducing new threats to Boston and surrounding cities. As communities seek new strategies to protect residents, infrastructure, and quality of life, The Trust for Public Land is helping by bringing its nationally recognized Climate-Smart Cities program to metro Boston.

We apply our expertise in climate research, computer-assisted mapping, and urban design to help Boston-area cities “connect, cool, absorb, and protect”—the four pillars of our climate strategy.

Through partnerships with the City of Boston and the Metro Mayors Coalition, this work is improving the lives of 1.3 million people. In each community, we devise strategies to strengthen the natural environment while benefiting vulnerable populations including low-income, elderly, and immigrant residents. Applying these strategies throughout metro Boston will create a stronger, safer, and more climate-resilient Massachusetts for generations to come.

In June of 2017 Greenovate Boston and The Trust for Public Land teamed up to host a training webinar on the Climate-Smart Boston decision support tool. You can watch this video here.