The Century Plan

The Century Plan-A Study of One Hundred Conservation Sites in the Barnegat Bay Watershed was published in 1995. Part of a long-term protection effort, this report describes 100 high-priority conservation and public access sites in need of protection. It identifies the top ten areas for priority protection on the basis of five criteria:

  • Importance to water quality;
  • Importance as wildlife habitat;
  • Level of disturbance, with preference to undisturbed properties;
  • Adjacency, or proximity to already protected properties; and
  • Size, with a preference for properties large enough to offer significant benefit.
  • Working with willing landowners and federal, state, county, and municipal authorities

This report is available for download as a 152-page PDF with a searchable table of contents. Please note: the file is roughly 11MB in size and may download slowly.

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