Camden County, Georgia, Parks Report

The Role of Parks and Greenspace in Redevelopment looks at both the past and the future of parks in the city of Camden, including sites owned or managed by Camden County, Georgia. The Trust for Public Land is working with The Reinvestment Fund to ensure that parks are included in community development strategies involving housing, jobs and schools. Key recommendations in the report include:

  • Leveraging new park projects with school siting and construction, as well as housing development, as magnets for new private investment.
  • Using the city's river and stream corridors as assets to create waterfront access for recreation and water quality.
  • Creating a greenspace strategy for the city's proposed stormwater management plan that can leverage clean water goals with creation of waterfront public greenways.
  • Creating a public engagement and park support constituency that can build needed partnerships for city-county financing and parks management goals.

This report was funded by the Ford Foundation.

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