Bonner Country Trails Plan

The trail plan combines community input with state-of-the-art mapping software (GIS) and computer modeling, and builds upon the County's 2014 draft trail plan. Since that time, our trail planning effort has identified the highest priority areas for connecting and expanding in-town and backcountry trail systems. The plan is “conceptual” because it covers a very large geographic area (1,920 square miles) and, therefore, does not include the level of detail of a smaller-scale trail alignment study.

Bonner County has about 660 miles of existing biking, hiking, walking, and ATV trails.  Our plan proposes to increase this number by almost 75 percent by adding nearly 490 miles of additional trails (110 trails and trail segments). This is a long-term vision. Approximately 25 percent of these proposed trails, representing over 160 miles, are being highlighted as priorities for the next 10 years. Trail priority was determined through the expertise of the Trail Mix Committee and through analysis of current usage, proximity to parks and schools, accessibility, feasibility, and user experience (eg., trails with exceptional views receive higher scores).

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