Bernalillo County Greenprint

The Bernalillo County Greenprint is a community-driven conservation plan that identifies and represents the best opportunities for using open space protection to meet the goals identified as important by the community. Bernalillo County residents truly care about protecting open space as a means to protect water and wildlife, but also as a means to preserve agriculture and cultural traditions and to connect urban communities to the outdoors. The Greenprint is about helping to protect the heart of what makes Bernalillo County special. The county needs clean water in its rivers and streams. It needs thriving farms and ranches. It needs protected habitats and corridors for threatened wildlife. It needs to be able to continue to preserve and to use sites that are crucial to local cultural traditions. And it needs expanded access to trails and parks so that every county resident can take advantage of the physical and mental benefits of being active outdoors. Protecting open space can do all of this. By showing where conservation can meet these needs at the same time, this Greenprint points the way.

The Trust for Public Land worked with Bernalillo County Parks and Recreation Department and a local steering committee to develop the Greenprint based on community input. The purpose of the Greenprint is to guide where mill levy funds should be spent to protect open space and expand access to local parks and trails throughout Bernalillo County–including urban areas. The Bernalillo County Commission unanimously approved the adoption of the Bernalillo County Greenprint in October 2017 as the policy guidance for future open space acquisitions.

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