Complete U.S. ParkServe® Dataset

The ParkServe® dataset compiles park data for over 15,000 cities and towns across the U.S. and is provided for download in a variety of file formats. Included in the data downloads are park polygons, park 10-minute walk service areas, park priority areas, as well as trails and playgrounds in parks. Please click on the links below to begin your download and be sure to review the applicable Legal Disclosure and Terms of Use below.

Download Historic ParkScore® Rankings

Trust for Public Land’s ParkScore® index is the national gold-standard comparison of park systems across the 100 most-populated cities in the United States. Published annually, the index currently measures park systems based on five categories: access, investment, amenities, acreage, equity.

Download City Park Facts Data Tables

Every year, Trust for Public Land compiles data on parks in the nation’s 100 most populous cities. It’s the most complete and in-depth look at U.S. city parks systems – and it’s free to download.

Explore data via the interactive Tableau dashboard or click the download links below.