Zack Woods

Zack Woods featured image

Zack Woods has been enjoyed in every season by the public for its trails and class 4 roads where people hike, run, ride mountain bikes, ski, snowshoe, and walk their dogs. An attractive destination for outdoor enthusiasts, the property contains more than a mile of the Catamount Trail and VAST snowmobile trails. But it is the aquatic resources of these 393 acres in the Lamoille Basin that set the land apart. The property boasts eleven undeveloped ponds—some of the few remaining in the state—that offer opportunities for paddling, swimming, picnicking, and fishing. A rare natural island in Zack Woods Pond provides safe nesting habitat for the common loon, a state-threatened species. As rich with natural resources as it is with recreational opportunities, Zack Woods is considered a gem by both scientists and local residents, and is a conservation priority for three state agencies.

Local population growth and the proximity of Zack Woods to Green River Reservoir make the area particularly attractive for new development, and thus very vulnerable to change. In January 2013, The Trust for Public Land with the help of several nonprofit and state partners, protected the last stretch of privately owned and undeveloped shoreline of Green River Reservoir, including Zack Woods Pond and Perch Pond.