Wilcox Ranch

Wilcox Ranch featured image

A thousand years ago, the Fremont People thrived in southeast Utah. One
of their settlements was along a stream that would come to be known as
Range Creek, on 4,000-acre Wilcox Ranch. For two generations, the Wilcox
family protected the virtually untouched artifacts the Fremont People
left behind. In 2001, Waldo Wilcox and his wife, Julia, decided to sell
the ranch and began working with TPL and the Bureau of Land Management
(BLM) to protect it. With assistance from the Utah Forest Legacy
Program, TPL purchased the property, placed a conservation easement on
it, and transferred the property to the BLM. Early in 2004, the land was
transferred to the Utah Natural Resource Department, which is working
on a management plan that will allow people to enjoy the landscape while
protecting its cultural and historic treasures.

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