Tiger Hill Community Forest

Tiger Hill Community Forest featured image

Think of community forests as rural New England’s neighborhood parks, they serve as places of inspiration, community gatherings, experiential learning, active stewardship and creative economic endeavors. In the summer, Sebago, Maine and the surrounding towns swell with thousands of tourists visiting Sebago Lake. It’s become a popular place for second homes. The increased population growth and tourism presents challenges to protecting the town’s natural beauty and sense of community.

Working with local residents and Loon Echo Land Trust we’ve permanently protected 1,400 acres that will become a Community Forest where people can walk their dogs, hike with the kids, or snowshoe and ice skate in the winter. The Trust for Public Land is a national leader in the growing community forest movement, which, throughout New England, is becoming a powerful tool for residents to protect resources and locally manage forested landscapes. Tiger Hill Community Forest, will also protect the water quality of Sebago Lake, a source of drinking water for over one-sixth of Maine residents.

With the rapidly expanding population, a transient summer community, and no town center, Sebago is challenged to create a cohesive community. This forest will provide a physical gathering place –a town common in the woods—enjoyed now and preserved for the benefit of future generations.

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